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Tetrix Taskbot Tournament

Ready to get hands on? Sign your team up for shop hours to build, test, and compete in mechanized mining mayhem! 

What is required? 

To prepare for testing, you and your teammates should complete the online coding activities and be prepared to load your sketches to your taskbot.  There is a minimum of 4 shop sessions in order to prepare for the competition and you must sign up the day before you plan to attend.

Shop Session 1

This time is for finishing the build of your Taskbot and practice loading your first sketches.  Teams who have completed Assistive Robots activities are ready for this session.

Shop Session 2

In Domestic Robots, you learned more about the capabilities of your Taskbot.  Ready to try these new skills in real world?

Shop Session 3

Safety and Security Robot activities completes the guided lesson series.  Can you apply all you have learned to program your robot to navigate successfully?

Shop Session 4–The Final challenge?!

Innovation and applying what you learned is key. Gather you team and try to take down the mining gauntlet.

Sessions are open June 7 – June 25, so choose the date that works best for you!

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