About Idea Shop

A place for ideas.

About the Pitsco Idea Shop

Think. Make. Innovate.

Located at the heart of the Pittsburg community, the Pitsco Idea Shop is a core component of The Foundry at Block22, a unique living-learning community.  Featuring state-of-the-art technology and equipment, the Pitsco Idea Shop aims to helps dreamers and doers turn their ideas into reality.

Have an idea for a new product or business? We have the space and the tools to help you produce your own success story.

The professional teams at Block22 feature a wide range of small business support experts, and they are ready to help guide you down a path of innovation and success.  

Partners in Progress.

Pittsburg State University and Pitsco Education

The Pitsco Idea Shop is made possible through a unique, innovative partnership between two of the pillars of Southeast Kansas and the entire Midwest region.

Pittsburg State University is one of the leading regional institutions of higher education, featuring nationally acclaimed academics in the areas of technology, business, education, and the sciences.

Pitsco Education is a national leader in the design and production of educational technology centered around STEM concepts.

Together, PSU and Pitsco are leading the way for real, positive change in education and in their community.