The Pitsco Idea Shop

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The Pitsco Idea Shop

Think. Make. Innovate.

The Pitsco Idea Shop at Block22 in Downtown Pittsburg inspires innovators and dreamers to turn their ideas into reality. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and equipment, this is the place where creativity and inspiration meet manufacturing and production.

Have an idea for a new product or business? Bring it to life at the Pitsco Idea Shop!

Textrix Taskbot Tournament

Greenbush is partnering with Pitsco, Pitt State, and the Idea Shop to offer this unique camp experience! This camp is unique in the fact that it has a flexible schedule to be tailored by your team. The official start date is June 6th at the Idea Shop (402 N Broadway) in Pittsburg, KS! The completion of this camp as well as the competition will take place on June 28th at the Idea Shop.

Hands on

Idea Shop Equipment

Innovation is a powerful force for transformation of ideas. We have tools to drive the change.

From 3-D printers and laser engravers to skill saws and CNC routers, the Pitsco Idea Shop has all of the tools and equipment you’ll need to turn your dreams into reality.

The greatest success stories all begin with an idea. Dream big, and let your imagination lead you.
Sometimes all you have to do is try things. Have an idea for a new product? Start with one. Go from there.
We can always do better. How will your ideas change the world? What spark of inspiration will forge a new path for your community?

Check in

Are you ready to do some work, explore, create, or come up with some great ideas? Check-in and start your adventure.